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Experience world's best online beer tasting now.

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Choose a beer experience that suits you. Invite unlimited friends or colleagues. Create your own beer tasting experience. Quickly see which tasting suits you best.

Online Bierproeverij - Professor - Proost
Online Bierproeverij - Professor - Proost

Experience world's best online beer tasting now.

Beer tasting

from home!

Choose a beer experience that suits you. Invite friends or colleagues! Choose your own beer tasting experience! Quickly see which tasting suits you best, and you’ll get a  free quote within a few minutes.

Online Bierproeverij - Professor - Proost
Online Bierproeverij - Professor - Proost

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Online beer tastings

What can you expect?

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Compose your experience

Choose a package that suits you, or use the possibilities to put together a package yourself.

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Alcohol-free tastings

Choose an alcohol-free online tasting or expierience our other tastings at your location of choice.

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Highly skilled sommeliers

Our tasting guides have a lot of knowledge about beer and provide a great interactive experience!

Beer Tasting Online
Beer Tasting Online

Why should you choose for our tastings?

A journey through the world of beer.

Our beer tastings are internationally known for their immersive experience. This tasting is quick and easy  to organize online. Have a shared experience with your friends, family of colleagues online! Choose a tasting that suits you, or ask us for advise on what the right package for you might be. Everything is possible, our tastings are tailor made! 

Join us on a journey through the world of beer. We take you virtually to various breweries and beery places. It’s like a shared, beer-infused, holiday.

Curious? Watch the video for an impression!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Experience our online beer live!

The ideal way to enjoy delicious beers is when they are presented by one of our experienced beer sommeliers! Have the perfect shared experience together with your family, friends or co-workers.

Did you know that 95% of our tastings are tailor-made? For example, the location of the taster does not matter because we send our packages all throughout Europe!

More questions? Read the FAQ below.

  • 5 bottle/can with beautiful specialty beers
    • Non-alcoholic/ gluten free beer available on request
  • Experience package with tasting sheet, prints of brewing process and beer ingredients
  • Knowledgeable and professional online presentation from a beer sommelier
  • Real live online interactive beer show/tasting
  • Bilingual experience in either English or Dutch
  • A fun activity with full of captivating anecdotes, fun trivia, lots of interaction and personal advice from our sommelier
  • Beer & chocolate (by Belga Chocolatiers from Nijmegen)
  • Beer & cheese (by famous Dutch cheese makers Reypenaer)
  • Why not both? Add charcuterie, cheese and chocolate
  • Luxury snack board by Honours, containing comté cheese, beef charcuterie, sticks with aioli dip, curry & beet hummus, pickles & onions. (send an e-mail  for more information)
  • Beer and trivia Pubquiz with beery prizes for the top three contestants
  • Beer pairing with either whisky or Dutch Jenever
  • Options for personalization, like adding a personal card, coasters or gadgets to the pack.
  • A computer or telephone with internet (computer is our advice)
  • A good glass to drink from (wine glass or beer glass on foot)
  • Chilled beers from the package (not too cold please)
  • A cozy setting with snack board, candles and dimmed light
  • A nice beer before and after the tasting (warming up/cooling down)

We either deliver all boxes to a single location or mail the packages to the participants at home. Within NL we observe one week delivery time, and within Europe two weeks. The adress info needs to be provided in our excel template.

Our online tasting can be experienced in two ways

  1. Private Video Call at a chosen time with group of friends, family, team, colleagues, club, society, department or neighbors. This stream is conducted trough Zoom, Teams or similar platforms. This way people see each other and interact trough voice.
  2. Private live stream at a fixed time with a chosen theme. The experience is live streamed trough Youtube and is ideal for more private settings as the participants won’t be on camera, but can express themselves in chat.
  1. Our private tastings are always tailored to the wishes of the customer. We use the following streaming software for our tastings:

    • Microsoft Teams
    • Zoom
    • You own proprietary video calling software
Online Beer Tasting Best

Choose what suits you

Tasting examples

Below you can see a selection of tasting packages as examples what they contain.
Note that the precise contents may vary, but there’s always five very distinct beers in an array of flavors and styles.
Do you want tailor-made advice or do you have questions? Then fill in the contact form.  

Online Bierproeverij - Professor - Proost

Featured on

RTL4 (TV) & Nu.nl news!

Thousands precede you

Read the experiences of others

Super nice beer and whisky tasting! Good atmosphere and know-how!
We did the beer and chocolate tasting. It was very educational and fun!

Pricing & packages

Choose a package that suits you!

Prices are incl. VAT & excl. shipping costs.
Any questions? Fill in the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Taste with colleagues
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A tailor-made offer without any obligation.

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Are you, for example, colleagues, family or friends? And are you experienced beer connoisseurs, or rather novice beer drinkers? We are open for everyone! We always create a tailor-made experience.
Are there any specific wishes or preferences? The sooner we know this, the better our offer can be. E.g. a Christmas theme, Craft theme or would you like to organize a tasting from your home country? Everything is possible.
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